Back in 2017 two brothers became increasingly frustrated at the lack of perfectly fitting jeans available to buy in high street stores. As we were both into sport we had bigger legs than most and as a result that made jeans feel extremely uncomfortable.

After doing some research we found that most men found jeans uncomfortable, regardless of whether they had big legs or not. It was this desire to acquire a pair of jeans that fitted and were of the utmost comfort that set us on our journey to create a pair of jeans that had #ThePerfectFit.

One of our main objectives was to create a pair of jeans that not only looked stylish, but were also extremely comfortable that could be worn all day and all night. In order to achieve this, we came up with a material that is flexible enough to ensure extreme comfort and durable enough to last.

It has already been a journey. Currently, we have sold our jeans to over 25 countries worldwide and counting. We have ambitious plans to continue to grow and expand our product range.

Seize Every Moment.